Hadi Althib

Interactive Workshop Host

All of us have stories, ideas and creativity inside of us. All of us have a voice. Having a story is one thing. Unleashing it to the world is another. This exercise is about giving visibility to the creativity, perspectives, and lessons of this group, and your community. We are going to write and publish a book together, right here, right now. This interactive workshop is hosted by Hadi Althib. He’s a consultant program manager for middle east #mewesyria program, is a peacemaker and community leader who believes that psychological well-being is key to empower, engage, build sustainable relationships and promote peaceful coexistence. Now he is leading change in his community, raising awareness among teachers, parents and facilitators on mental health and psychosocial support in Turkey. Hadi began his work in psychosocial support in 2014 when the war in Syria resulted in waves of refugees- he leads peace education, nonviolent communication with families and young people. In 2016, Hadi began working with #mewe international inc. Doing outreach to hundreds of Syrian refugees in Turkey and Lebanon leading technical teams and training. In addition to his work with #meweintl, he is also pursuing his degree in psychology at the university of Essex and is a facilitator for Unesco international leadership workshops on global citizenship education.

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