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Berat Kjamili

Co-founder of Migport

2018 Young Transatlantic İnnovation Leaders Initiative Turkey Fellow at German Marshall Fund of U.S. and State Department of U.S. Berat Kjamili is co-founder of Migport, online knowledge sharing platform for refugees which aims to connect refugees with locals. He is graduated from Middle East Technical University, Economics Department as well as University of San Diego. He has launched digital appointment “e-residency” system that over 10 million foreigners used in Turkey. He served as associate expert / expert at University of San Diego, The Institute for Future Research and European Commission programs. Berat has established Migport in 2016 inspiring by his own migration journey. Today, the platform serves as a mobile app as a meeting point between locals and refugees. Its hybrid structure identifies the problems of refugees by giving them a chance to talk about themselves and ensure social integration with solutions. Migport has 10.000 users in 100 countries and it has more than 10 awards.