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Sapna Chandrasekaran

Founder of Awakening Transformation

Sapna has become one of the great leadership examples of the corporate sector. With her commitment and expertise in the aviation arena being proven by implementing Executive Leadership Programs & Development Strategies. Her innovative approach, solution focused philanthropic nature has enabled Sapna to build effective, productive and profitable teams, supporting both the industry objectives and the development requirements of the communities who both Sapna and her corporate clients are passionately inspired to support. Bringing an insightful view on environmental concerns, Sapna has facilitated the design and implementation of Training Programs that specialize in enhancing the hidden leadership qualities that are often lurking behind what appears to be trauma, excessive behaviors or unacceptable situations in both social events and business communications. This has enabled her clients to discover the Heart and Soul of their customers and organisation which in turn converts their staff into committed, productive and effective examples of experts in their field, whilst improving the value of the company and its efforts to the community at large.