Migration Jam 2019

On October 2019 Migration Jam was launched in Istanbul, Turkey. In Migration Jam we recognize the power stories hold over our life, they have the power to influence the way we perceive ourselves and the way others perceive us. From this recognition, we decided to hold events that showcase empowered refugee stories. Speakers of the event varied from motivational speaker, social entrepreneurs, refugee social media influencers, refugee entrepreneurs in gastronomy, local and international organizations, politicians, and researchers.

Istanbul, Turkey

Kanyon Büyükdere Caddesi, No: 185, Levent Kanyon AVM, Teras Katı ŞİŞLİ / İstanbul

30+ Speakers

international and national speakers

Event Speakers

Migration Jam 2019 Speakers

Amal Jibril


Amro Maskoun

Social media influencer

Maggie Pinar

2nd Vice President at IYOM

Sapna Chandrasekaran

Founder of Awakening Transformation

Tahiya Moosa

Co-Executive Coordinator at Istanbul&I

Elif Aksoy

LIFE Project Training Coordinator

Mustafa Özer

IMECE project

Alaa Alarori

project coordinator at LIFE project

Suha Nabhan

Online & social media officer - Seefar enterprise

Berat Kjamili

Co-founder of Migport

Patrick Bosteels

Stage-Co co-founder

Osama Hashimi

CEO of Mocha7

Dina Baslan

co-director of Sawiyan

David Lukiri

IOM Nairobi & Motivational Speaker

Issa Hasan

creative director at Abaaraha

Nour Alkhayat

Mentor of Education and Innovation

Eric Opoku Ware

Founder of Sahara hustlers association

Mohmaed Safar

founder of Minorities Study Center in Khartoum

Julio Alejandro

Global Communications for Aeternity Blockchain

Mohamed Alard

Social Media Content Creator and Chef.

Sharmarke Dubow

City Councillor, Canada

Robert Hakiza

executive director of YARID

Michael Goeken

Executive director founder of project phoenix

Salam Kanhoush

One Young World Ambassador