People on the move are often arrested and imprisoned for driving boats bringing people to Europe. They are accused of human smuggling, often without access to adequate legal assistance, information about their basic rights, or any form of support.

The ‘Captain Support’ Network is a platform founded by activists in solidarity with those accused of driving boats to Europe and to connect them with local support networks and lawyers.
On our channels, you can find useful information about criminalization. You can reach out for alternative legal support by sending us a private message.

Activists and volunteers will reply by providing helpful information and connecting people to lawyers and social support if needed.

Migration Jam collaborated with Captain Support and developed its logo and branding manual, and produced an informative animation video in six languages (English, Arabic, Farsi, Somali, French, and Wolof) clarifying the rights of migrants criminalized for boat driving.


Captain Support


Captain Support

What We Did

Logo design, branding development, animation video production, and translation.