Suha Nabhan

Online & social media officer - Seefar enterprise

As I have been working for almost three years with StratComms team on campaigns raising the awareness on the risks of irregular migration I’ve read lots of stories that are horrific. But there are also stories for entrepreneurs, creative youths, and great initiatives that unfortunately don’t go viral. One of the main things that I found very helpful to enrich my experience is actually working with teams from the local communities in; Afghanistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Iraqi Kurdistan, Gambia, and different countries.
I am honored to work with such dedicative team as my colleagues in Seefar, working online with a team from all over the world but yet we are all connected.
In addition to my work with Seefar I’ve tried to proceed my volunteering work with Syrian initiatives, through which I’ve read hundreds of stories for individuals who were victims of war, forced displacement, and injustice. Still, they were always able to amaze me with the ability of continuing to be creative, finding solutions, and share their compassion, love and support for others despite all the hardship that they are going through.