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Amaani Yahya

Amaani Yahya is a musician and rapper from Yemen, living in the U.S. Known as the first female Yemeni rapper, Amaani uses music to address issues that are considered taboo to discuss openly in most Yemeni communities. Her poignant and rhythmic lyrics confront topics such as the ongoing injustices faced by women in conservative Yemeni societies as well as her current home, the United States. Amaani is a vocalist in a Yemeni/Yemeni American band called “Indkna”. Indkna is a group of Yemeni rooted artists and songwriters who offer alternative and empowering narratives for women and minorities. Indkna’s music centres a radical feminist approach in its songwriting practice, as it tackles issues of bodily censorship, political unrest in Yemen, and personal struggles. Indkna uses songs to reclaim their native dialects and bring about innovations in Yemeni music through introducing experimental genres inspired by electronic music, jazz, hip-hop and classical Arabic sounds.