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Reaam Mahbuba

Reaam Mahbuba, is from Iraq, living in the U.S and currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Political science and international law. Reaam is the co-founder of an organization called “Iqraa Youth”, together with Aya Sbhn, that delivers aid in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. Iqraa is currently running four aid campaigns, and endeavours to establish a mentorship program that connects students across the world and facilitates peer to peer guidance and support. “Iqraa” in Arabic translates to “Read”, which depicts the aim of the organization to provide humanitarian aid and social rebuilding initiatives alongside educational support to those in need. Iqraa Youth facilitates children’s access to quality education, through providing student sponsorships, food donations and nutritional support, and social initiatives i.e. rebuilding destructed homes in Beirut after the explosion in 2020. Coming from a refugee family, the founders of Iqraa appreciate the true importance of a stable home and a nurturing community. They recognize and value the privileges that they’ve had, particularly in the form of access to education and mentors who encouraged and supported them to make the most of their opportunities. Reaam and Aya believe that there’s greatness in every child, and children deserve all the tools, support and guidance that is required to materialize that greatness and achieve their full potential. They have been inspired by their own dreams that once were postponed due to instability, and they are trying to make sure that no other child's dream, within their reach, is put on hold due to the circumstances.