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Cheese Balls

Cheese Ball was born out of an old passion for entrepreneurship when they started a new life here in the Netherlands. Eating cheese bread, or pão de queijo in Portuguese, was part of their daily life in Brazil and when they arrived in the Netherlands, they wanted this tradition to be part of their new life as well. They went after the best local products and after many tastings, they came up with the perfect recipe- their recipe. They started to serve their product to family, friends and at small gatherings. It was then that they realized that their recipe was very successful, especially based on the feedback of those who had never tried it before. That gave them the confidence to start selling their pão de queijo through their social media channels. With each sale, the certainty that they were on the right path only increased. As the months passed they felt that they were ready for the next step, it was then that they formalized the business and created their brand, as their mission already existed: We want to offer you the best Pão de Queijo in the Netherlands!
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