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Ellie Kisyombe

a founder, a mother, an activist, and political candidate. In 2015, Ellie co- founded an Irish Café Award winning social enterprise called OurTable with fellow activist and chef, Michelle Darmody. Ellie’s activism and passion for positive social change did not begin in Ireland, however. In 2005, she founded the Rhoda Bosom Charity Foundation Trust, an organisation which raises money to provide essential infrastructure for rural villages in Malawi. This includes the building of a school, and the purchase of bicycle ambulances to transport women in labour and people experiencing medical emergencies to the nearest health centres. Ellie was flagged as one of the ‘People to Watch’ in 2016 for her activism by the Irish Times journalist Una Mullally. Ellie has also done the introductory course on Community and Youth Work, as well as being a full-time mum and active member of her community. Ellie wants to continue to explore and work on wider issues of Social Justice, Human Rights and Social Entrepreneurship.