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Maisan Hamdan


Maisan is a Palestinian who is currently living in Berlin, Germany. A political and feminist activist, with passion in writing and cooking. Maisan recently quit her job to focus on writing and cooking, and in the past few months she grew her work as a chef and organized a couple of events including catering for a wedding of her friend. In her cooking journey, she received overwhelming support and solidarity from her network and that gave her the courage to pursue her passion full time. As the Palestinian cuisine is one of the many ways Palestinians represent their rich culture, it is unacceptable when Palestinian dishes are culturally appropriated by the Israeli occupation. Because of this and as a way of reclaiming her heritage, Maisan tries to tell the cultural roots of Palestenian cuisine in an effort to protect the heritage for generations to come. In addition to writing and cooking, Maisan also wrote a couple of rap songs and participated in different civil communities and events in Palestine and Germany.