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Rahma Henchiri

Rahma Henchiri is originally from Tunisia, grew up in Greece and is currently based in Ethiopia. She defines herself as a world traveller, visual storyteller, artist and humanitarian worker with over 7 years of experience in refugee protection, focusing on GBV and community-based protection. She is currently pursuing a PhD in African Women’s Studies at the University of Nairobi. Rahma is passionately dedicated to protection work with asylum-seekers and refugees. Her journey started in refugee camps in Greece and continued to various countries in Europe and Africa. Rahma is now flying full-time between Ethiopia and Kenya as part of the response to various crises in East Africa. Between two countries, her job and her studies, she tries to share nibbles of her life and work, snapshots of the beautiful places she gets to see and life lessons she keeps learning every day, on her own website, Having years of experience and a passion for stories of refugees, asylum-seekers and people “in transit”, Rahma was the best person to moderate the discussions to be held on the Social Changemakers event with us. We are excited to see where she’d lead the discussion and the energy and point of view that she will bring to this event. Tune in on Sunday to witness her brilliant skills and hear more from her.