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Mohammad Alard

Mohammad is a Syrian who has been living in Istanbul for 6 years. As passionate and talented as he is about food, he’s equally talented and passionate about photography. Mohammad studied and graduated from the Gastronomy department at Özyeğin University in association with Le Cordon Bleu Istanbul. Through his studies, he took French cooking courses and several courses related to food and beverage studies and restaurant management. He’s the founder of a pop-up dinner project called Beyond Kitchen. The idea came to life early 2019 soon after a five month summer course about Food Entrepreneurship at Life Project. Beyond Kitchen collaborates with chefs from different backgrounds once a month where they cook and prepare a full set menu of different cuisines. As the expat community in Istanbul is growing and with it also grows the variety of cuisines– because of that, he decided to focus his project on bridging cultural differences between different communities through culinary art.